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About Chamber of Commerce and Industry Albania-India


About Chamber of Commerce and Industry Albania-India


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Albania India (CCIAI) is a vibrant international organization forged from the visionary collaboration of distinguished leaders originating from Albania, India, and Italy. Established with the aim of fostering robust commercial cooperation, CCIAI serves as a nexus for businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs seeking to explore and capitalize on opportunities across borders.

Comprising founders with extensive commercial experience spanning various sectors, CCIAI transcends conventional organizational paradigms. Beyond mere adherence to legal requirements, our chamber prioritizes transparency and inclusive decision-making, ensuring that every member has a voice and is integral to the decision-making process.

Formally registered in compliance with legal procedures in both Albania and India, CCIAI stands as a beacon of integrity and accountability in the realm of international commerce.

At the heart of CCIAI’s ethos lies a commitment to facilitating economic synergy between Albania and India. By attracting investors and businesses from India to Albania, and concurrently enticing Italian enterprises into the fold, CCIAI seeks to create a vibrant ecosystem ripe for investment and partnership. Moreover, recognizing the immense potential of these collaborations, CCIAI endeavors to extend these opportunities to encompass all Balkan countries.

In line with our belief in reciprocity, CCIAI is equally dedicated to empowering local businesses to expand their presence in Indian markets, thereby fostering a mutually beneficial exchange of opportunities and expertise.

Our chamber serves not merely as a conduit for investment and collaboration, but as a steadfast partner committed to providing comprehensive support to realize these ventures. From navigating regulatory landscapes to fostering strategic partnerships and facilitating trade exchanges, CCIAI stands unwavering in its dedication to facilitating success for all stakeholders involved.

Through our collective efforts, we aspire to not only strengthen commercial ties between Albania, India, Italy, and the Balkans, but to also catalyze sustainable economic growth and prosperity across borders.

Join us in shaping a future defined by shared opportunity, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Our Chamber of Commerce and Industry is not just an organization; it is instrumental in shaping your success story.

Together, let us transcend boundaries and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.



To provide sector-specific representation, expertise, networking, advocacy, and problem-solving to advance the interests and needs of businesses, within CCIAI are established the following Commissions:
  • Commerce and Import-Export Facilitation Commission:
  • Industry and Manufacture Facilitation Commission:
  • Energy and Natural Resources Commission:
  • Banking System and Business Financing Commission:
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Commission:
  • Health and Wellness Commission:
  • Agriculture and Food Industry Commission:
  • Technology and Innovation Commission:
  • Education and Academic Collaboration Commission:
  • Human Resources and Employment Commission:
  • Work Art and Philanthropy Commission:
  • Culture and Art Commission:
  • Tourism and Hospitality Commission:
  • Sports Management and Development Commission:
  • Indian New Business Initiatives in Albania Commission:
  • Corporate Governance Commission:
  • Economic Policy and Investment Climate Commission:
  • Relations and Cooperation between Chambers of Commerce Commission
  • Friendship and Cooperation Treaties Commission
  • European Community Programs and Funds Commission
  • Chamber’s Revenue Generation and Financial Sustainability Commission


If you have the right knowledge and experience in any of the fields that include the above commissions, feel free to write to us.


“The Albania-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAI) envisions a future where businesses from Albania and India, in collaboration with our Italian partners, thrive in a dynamic and interconnected global economy. We aspire to be the catalyst for innovative partnerships and knowledge exchange, leveraging the rich experiences of Italy and Europe. Our vision is to become the premier facilitator of economic engagement, driving continuous growth, fostering innovation, and building bridges that strengthen the bond between Albania, India, Italy, and the broader European community.”


“The mission of the Albania-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAI) is to foster and strengthen bilateral economic ties between Albania and India. We are dedicated to providing a dynamic platform that promotes trade, investment, and collaboration between businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs from Albania, India, and Italy. Through these partnerships, we aim to harness the wealth of Italian and European experience, creating a robust network that facilitates sustainable growth, innovation, and cultural exchange. Our commitment is to contribute to the development of a vibrant and mutually beneficial economic relationship for the benefit of our members and the broader business communities.”


In addition to the primary objective:

“Establish and promote new relations and strengthen or improve existing relations in the field of trade or industry and the economy in general between the two countries by promoting the Albanian economy in India and vice versa, to the benefit of both countries”

as follows some of the main objectives of CCIAI